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We are an independent games studio founded in 2020, Ireland. Focusing on the PC / Console platforms and developing multiple different game genres.

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Gaido Games

Galway City, Ireland.

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PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, & PlayStation.

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Gaido Games Logo
Gaido Games Logo

About Us

Gaido Games is a games developer and games publisher of the following platforms: PC, Mac, Consoles, iOS, Android & Windows. Based in Galway City, Ireland and has been developing various games since the 90's.

We focus on various gameplay styles from FPS to RTS, Action to Story Adventures & Platform games. From 8-bit games development to modern day, our games are designed for fun game-play first, with beautiful graphics to capture your imagination. Our team has worked on many Game Engines such as Oxygen3D, Torque Games Engine, Reality Engine, Unity Games Engine and the Unreal Engine.

We are based in the Portershed, Eyre Square, Galway City. Ireland.

Gaido Games